Monday, March 24, 2014

zero fundamental

been busy with baking and stuff since Friday's noon.
my brother had the "kenduri masuk rumah baru" so as one loving eldest sister yang-zero-baking-fundamental-tapi-beria-nak-membaking, there u go, more than 30hours needed to complete it from scratch, as I laa the baker, I laa the tukang deco, I laa the runner, I laa the tukang delivery guy girl! #nangis
**sorry eh, gambo sama ngan my other blog (fahri's), Nampak sangat takde idea.
p/s: Dear Lee, if u happened to read this, yes, I had no time even to switch on my home pc as I was busy running around in my kitchen last week. huhu! (I hadn't read your email too.. sorry!)

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