Monday, July 8, 2013

orang kepercayaan

1st thing 1st, mind my english. terabur and unpolished. heh.

girlfriend boyfriend. both are my friends. the boyfriend used to be my co worker. the girlfriend worked not to far from us. the distance is approx 10min by car.

there will be sometimes; me and the boyfriend had lunch together, without the girlfriend of cause.. (due to our lunch hour is different in time and management)

girlfriend is quite jelousy type. but not to me. often when me and boyfriend are free for lunch without the girlfriend, i will susah hati.

but girlfriend always told me then, "i dont have any issue if you guys going lunch together at all.. my biggest concern is when ever i can't have lunch with him, i am afraid he will go with other girl but you!"

woha! tiba2 i stumbled. haha. what a surprise. but definately not a plesant one. LOL

to zai and jai, selamat pengantin baru in advance :)

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